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Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

[Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Review] Kim Hyun Joong & Jin Se Yeon Kiss at Agreement Ceremony

Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 22, Shin Jung Tae(played by ) defeated Aka(played by ), who had nonanalgesic(cannot feel pain).

Sul Doo Sung(played by ) went to Tenkai(played by )’s funeral. Just then, Aka approached him, and Jung Tae said to him, “I’m the one you should face.”

Aka was the best fighter of the Japanese who could not feel pain at all. He was a tough one to fight but Jung Tae used his quick punches to make him throw up blood. He also pressed Aka’s blood aperture and paralyzed his nerves.

Doo Sung watched Jung Tae with satisfaction and said to himself, “He’s just as good as Shanghai Hawk. What a beast.”

Kim Hyun Joong & Jin Se Yeon Kiss at Agreement Ceremony
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 22, Shin Jung Tae(played by ) and Kim Ok Ryun(played by ) kissed at their agreement ceremony.

Jung Tae managed to make Sul Doo Sung(played by ) host an agreement ceremony for him and Ok Ryun. Doo Sung did not want to give up on Ok Ryun, but he had no choice because a lot of people were watching.

Jung Tae and Ok Ryun’s agreement ceremony began with their kiss.

Kim Hyun Joong & Choi Il Hwa Make a Deal
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 22, Shin Jung Tae(played by ) and Sul Doo Sung(played by ) made a deal.

Previously, Jung Tae held hand with Mo Il Hwa(played by ) and planned to get rid of both Hwangbang and the Japanese. He said to his Bangsamtong people, “Hwangbang and the Japanese would be annoyed by us and think of us as a thorn to them. Let’s show them the real power of thorns.”

Later, Jung Tae met with Doo Sung and said, “Let go of Kim Ok Ryun(played by ) if I win the fight against the Japanese.” Doo Sun replied, “What is there that I can’t do for you only if you defeat the Japanese.” However, Doo Sung was thinking of getting rid of Jung Tae as soon as he was done using him.

Yoon Hyun Min Puts Himself in Danger to Save Lim Soo Hyang
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 22, Toyama Aoki(played by ) put himself in danger to save Tekuchi Gaya(played by ).

Aoki fell into Shin Jung Tae(played by )’s trap. While Aoki was searching Hwangbang and Shanghai Club, Jung Tae ambushed the casinos and banks that were in charge of the Japanese.

Aoki belatedly realized that he has been tricked and made a quick call to Gaya. He told her to send all the Japanese troops to the standard bank. Gaya took all the troops to Hwangbang.

Later when Aoki arrived, he was just in time to save Gaya’s life. As he gathered the intelligence bureau soldiers to save her, he was arrested and was sent to prison.

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