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Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

[Melody in Love Episode 96 Review] Hwang Sun Hee Says Yes to Kim Hyung Jun’s Proposal

Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 96, Gong Soo Im(played by ) said yes to Han Tae Kyung(played by )’s proposal.

Previously, Soo Im’s parents agreed with her getting engaged to Tae Kyung. Soo Im said to Tae Kyung, “Thanks for loving me. I know I’ve been breaking your heart for a long time, but I’m thankful that you never gave up on me. Thanks for loving me as always.”

Soo Im handed Tae Kyung the ring he gave her earlier and continued, “Put it on for me. I’ll happily accept your proposal.” Tae Kyung was overjoyed and said, “Thank you, Soo Im! Thanks for finally saying yes.”

Da Som Happily Tells Baek Sung Hyun That Hwang Sun Hee & Kim Hyung Jun are Getting Married
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 96, Gong Deul Im(played by ) happily told Park Hyun Woo(played by ) that Gong Soo Im(played by ) and Han Tae Kyung(played by ).

Previously, Soo Im said yes to Tae Kyung’s proposal. the next day, Deul Im happily told Hyun Woo the news. She said, “I’m happy and sad at the same time that my sister’s getting married.” Hyun Woo comforted, “That makes sense for sisters. You have me though.”

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