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WellcOme tO My Blog

Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

[Photo+Trans] Park Jung Min - Twitter Site Update [14.03.06]

Credit: @JungMin0403
English trans @xiaochu1004 

[Trans] ah!! Wanted to take a photo of green peas but I can't find any so I stopped (looking for them)!! Wanted to wish you happy 3000days~~!! Sorry~!!^^ but even so, this~!! The most recent me~!!

RT @JungMin0403: 앗!! 완두콩사진찍으려다가 찾다못찼고 그만!! 3000일 축하하려했는데~~!! 미안~!!^^ 그래도 요거~!! 가장 최근의 나~!! http://t.co/6VAFaGbzq3


[Trans] Please look after me in the future too~^^ I will work harder~! Hope we can cherish each other~^^

RT @JungMin0403: 앞으로도 잘부탁하고~^^ 더 힘낼께요~! 서로 많이 아끼기~^^

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