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Senin, 28 April 2014

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun attends memorial service for the deceased victims of Sewol

Credit:  www.allkpop.com

Kim Hyung Jun became the next celebrity to give his condolences in person at the memorial service for the deceased students and teachers of the sunken ferry Sewol.

After finishing his drama filming schedule on the morning of the 26th, Kim Hyung Jun attended the makeshift memorial service held at Olympic Memorial Hall in Ansan, Gyeonggido alongside his manager and soccer team FC Avengers.

His agency SH Entertainment rep told Newsen, "I belatedly found out about it. After completing filming for his drama, he quietly attended it and checked to make sure he wasn't caught by the cameras outside of the memorial alter. I heard he cried. After hearing that story, I looked fondly upon [Kim Hyung Jun]."

The official memorial service will be held at Hwarang Park, Ansan starting on April 29.

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