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Kamis, 03 April 2014

[Melody of Love Episode 108 Review] Hwang Sun Hee Tells Kim Hyung Joon about Da Som’s Birth Secret

Hwang Sun Hee Tells Kim Hyung Joon about Da Som’s Birth Secret
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 108, Gong Soo Im(played by ) told Han Tae Kyung(played by ) about Gong Deul Im(played by )’s birth secret.

Soo Im was upset about her parents arguing about Deul Im’s birth father. As soon as she saw Tae Kyung, she burst into tears. Tae Kyung was surprised and asked what was wrong. She said, “Remember I told you our family went bankrupt because of this one man? That man asked my father to take care of his daughter, and that daughter is Deul Im.”

As Tae Kyung was shocked, Soo Im continued, “I didn’t know that she was adopted until few months ago. I thought she was a daughter of my father’s friend, but she was actually a daughter of the swindler who made out family go bankrupt. He made my mother raise the daughter of the enemy for over 20 years.”

Lee Jung Gil Suggests Baek Sung Hyun to Study Abroad with Da Som
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 108, Gong Jung Nam(played by ) suggested Park Hyun Woo(played by ) to study abroad with Gong Deul Im(played by ).

Jung Nam asked Hyun Woo, “Are you still thinking of studying in America?” Hyun Woo answered, “I can’t leave Deul Im behind.” Jung Nam continued, “I want to plant wings for Deul Im. I want to send her to America as well. So I’m wondering if you would like to go with her. You’re the only one left that I can trust on. I believe that you’ll protect her.”

Hyun Woo agreed and said, “I’m so sorry for leaving a scar on your heart.” Jung Nam replied, “It’s all my fault. Think about it. There’ll be no benefits for you two to stay here.”

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