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Rabu, 30 April 2014

[Melody of Love Episode 124 Review] Hwang Sun Hee & Kim Hyung Joon Have a Low Chance to Have a Baby

Hwang Sun Hee & Kim Hyung Joon Have a Low Chance to Have a Baby
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 124, Gong Soo Im(played by ) and Han Tae Kyung(played by ) heard the news that they had a low chance to have a baby.

Soo Im and Tae Kyung went to see an obstetrician for a check. The doctor asked, “Are you two married? You guys are thinking of getting pregnant?” As the couple said yes, the doctor hesitated at first and continued, “You’re not ovulating. You may have difficulty in getting pregnant.”

Da Som Comforts Baek Sung Hyun
Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 124, Gong Deul Im(played by ) comforted Park Hyun Woo(played by ).

Deul Im was worried after hearing about the rumor of Hyun Woo’s birth. She went to his office to comfort him. Hyun Woo said, “Worry about yourself. How’s the play going?” Deul Im asked, “Are you okay? I was worried that something might have happened to you.” She continued, “You told me before that I’m Gong Deul Im whoever my parents are. Whoever my parents are, I’m still who I am. I came here to tell you that.” Hyun Woo replied, “I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for reminding me.”

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