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Jumat, 04 April 2014

[Ratings: Thurs, 04.03.14] ‘Age of Feeling’ Ends with Okay Ratings and Lots of Incidents

Credit:  mwave.interest.me

Finally rounding things up, KBS’ Age of Feeling concluded its run, putting an end to all of its incidents.

Thursday night brought the last episode of Age of Feeling. The series ended with 12.3 percent, with an average series ratings of 10.3 percent for 24 episodes.

The drama called in for lots of attention, with a large-scale budget with sets built in China as well as 500 extras behind hired. It also brought in a lot of controversies with the drama’s writer suddenly being replaced by a rookie writer. Actors also left the drama mid-production, raising an eyebrow.

In addition to all of this, Jin Se Yeon, the drama’s main character, was shined in a negative light by going into a new project in the middle of filming. Age of Feeling also had issues with the production company not paying its staff and cast.

If anything positive came out for this, it was the rediscovery of Kim Hyun Joong as an actor. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


1. KBS Age of Feeling 11.1 →12.3
2. SBS Three Days 10.4 →11.9
3. MBC Cunning Single Lady 7.9 →8.8


1. KBS Happy Together 6.3

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielsen Media Research

Photo Credit: KBS

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