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Sabtu, 03 Mei 2014

[Melody of Love Episode 127 Review] Kim Ye Ryung Finds Out That It Would Be Hard for Hwang Sun Hee to Get Pregnant

Credit:  koreandrama.com

In , episode 127, Goo Mi Ok(played by ) found out that it would be hard for Gong Soo Im(played by ) to get pregnant.

Mi Ok went to the hospital to ask Soo Im’s doctor about the results of her possibility of getting pregnant. She said, “The kids told me that they’re fine but something’s strange. Do they have any problem?” The doctor replied, “I don’t know if I should be telling you this… Actually, your daughter-in-law has a difficulty in getting pregnant. There’s a low possibility for her to have a baby.”

Mi Ok was shocked. She came home and shouted at Han Tae Kyung(played by ) and Soo Im, “Why didn’t you guys tell me the truth? I’m on my way from the hospital. You told me that you’re fine!”

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