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Kamis, 29 Mei 2014

[Photo+Trans] Park Jung Min - Official Facebook Site Update [14.05.29]

Credit:  www.facebook.com/OfficialParkJungMin
English trans  @xiaochu1004 

[Trans] Kkokkioh (xc:sound of rooster calling)!! It's 8am, please wake up!^^

RT @JungMin0403: 꼬끼오!! 8시예요 일어나세요!^^

[Trans] I am organising my photo book~ discovered one photo of my solo trip to Europe last year!! Ah~~ hungry!!!! 

RT @JungMin0403: 사진집 정리 중~
작년 홀로 여행다녀온 유럽사진 한장 발견!!
아~~ 배고파!!!! http://fb.me/2ygho2z4b

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