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Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun leaves a comment for finishing 'Melody of Love'

Credit:  en.starnnews.com

Kim Hyung Jun left a comment for finishing drama 'Melody of Love'.

Kim Hyung Jun recently casted in KBS 1TV drama 'Melody of Love' as a musical director named Han Tae Kyung. Han Tae Kyung is a perfectionist, but he is the most gentle and forgiving person in the world to his lover.

Kim Hyung Jun said, "I'd like to express my profound gratitude for everyone who have showed phenomenal supports for me. There were many difficult times during last 8 months, but I could make my way through thanks to your love and supports."

He went on, "I'd like to express my gratitude for my staffs, co-actors, actresses, and many seniors for their advices. I have a deep respect for all of them, and everyday was a series of lessons."

He also said, "I feel very said to leave 'Han Tae Kyung' away like this, but I am glad that his life and career turned out very well."

He lastly added, "I am going to start casting in a new musical 'Café-In' from June 27th. I am doing a lot of preparations, so please show a lot of supports for the musical as well."

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun is going to cast in musical 'Café-In' as a sommelier named 'Ji Min' with Cho Sung Mo, Lee Chang Min(2AM), Hyun Woo, Seo Ha Jun, and Kim Ki Bum. The musical will be presented from June 27th until September 7th at KT&G Sangsang Arts Hall.

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