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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

[babyvfan Photo] Kim Hyun Joong "Inspiring Generation" Promotions (Beijing Fan Meeting) [14.06.29]

Credit:  http://www.weibo.com/babyvfan

Khj started off the fm with ost song 'if tonight passes'

Khj feels the 1930 set in shanghai leaves him with the best memory. Cos the setting is very big. In korea, the sets are smaller

Khj sang im your man and your story for the fm ending.

When asked to describe IG in a sentence. Khj said "感激" which means 'to give thanks' or being thankful.

When asked to act if its -100 degrees now. Khj asked 'is there even a place with -100 degrees?'. In the end he did a 'freeze in action' pose.

When asked to sing a bit of 'u', khj looked really puzzled. As if he didnt remember there's even a song 'u'. Lol

When said that KHJ can be korea's president if he follows the words '信爱忍和' well. Khj replied "the chances of me being a president is zero".

After doing the exercise routine, khj said that he feels his butt is tightened immediately. Then he said "I dont think a girl will look nice with a butt like mine"

KHJ "I dont know why Inspiring Generation's script is always finding Gaya. The most thing I said in the drama is 'Gaya'. And even though I met Gaya a few days ago, I still had to say "Gaya, It's been a long itme". "

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