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Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

[KAZOK Notice] Park Jung Min Mini Album "Summer Break!" Decision Released [14.07.16]

Source:  http://www.parkjungmin.jp/free/news/#newsID96
Brief translation by @SakuraDream501

Mini-album "Summer Break!" decision released! Released and held events!

Mini album "Summer Break!" was decided released in this summer!
Following previous "Save Us Tonight" and was crowned the "LIVE LIVEFUL!" the theme of Tower Records Shibuya, "LIVE LIVEFUL! COLLECTION" will be released as a second edition series.

The release date August 2 (Saturday)!
As release Anniversary Concert, a concert at Shibuya Cultural Research Center Owada Sakura Hall is a concert performed with full of new songs.

In addition, will also held events in-store!

Mini-album "Summer Break!"
Release Date: August 2 (Saturday)

Regular Edition 
<Track List>
1. Summer Break !
2. 心を濡らす夏の雨 (Summer rain wets the heart)
3. 愛をください  (Give me love)
4. 愛するチカラ  (The power of love)
5. Remain~アイノカケラ~
6. さよなら (Goodbye)
7. 千年経っても (Even after a thousand years)
8. Summer Break ! (Instrumental)
<Price>2,315Yen + tax
<Item Number>TSPJ-5006

Limited Edition A 
<Track List>
1. 愛をください  (Give me love)
2. 愛するチカラ  (The power of love)
3. 愛をください (K Ver.) (Give me love)
4. Summer Break ! 
5. Summer Break ! (Instrumental)
<Price> 1,759 yen + tax
<Benefits> Photo Books

Limited Edition B
<Track List>
1. さよなら (Goodbye)
2. Remain~アイノカケラ~
3. Summer Break !
4. Summer Break ! (K Ver,)
5. Summer Break ! (Instrumental)
<Price> 1,759 yen + tax 
<Benefits> Photo Books

Korean Edition
<Track List>
1.Summer Break !(K Ver.)
2.雨降る夏の夜は (Rain falling in the summer night)
4.愛をください(K Ver.)  (Give me love)
5.千年経っても(K Ver.) (Even after a thousand years)
6.Summer Break !(Instrumental)
<Price> 2,037 yen + tax

■. Joint press conference TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA × Park Jungmin inc

[Date] August 1st at 11:00 
[Venue] Tower Records Shibuya B1F "CUTUP STUDIO" 
Park Jung Min Official Fan Club Member Invites 100 people (planned) by the lottery!

* Application form 7/17 (Thursday) scheduled announcement.

■ "Summer Break!" Launch store events

【Date】 August 1st (Fri) 13:00/15:30/18:00
【Venue】Tower Records Shibuya B1F "CUTUP STUDIO" 
【Contents】Handshake meeting with Park Jung Min

■ ' Summer Break! " Official Mini launch

【Date and Time】 August 1 (Fri) 20:00
【Venue】 Tower Records Shibuya B1F "CUTUP STUDIO" 
【Contents】 Talk by Park Jung Min

■ Park Jung Min "Summer Break!" Launch PARTY

【Dates】 August 4 (Mon)
【Venue】Tower Records Shibuya 2F「TOWER RECORDS CAFE」
【How to participate】Park Jung Min Official fan club members about 70 people by the lottery

● Lunch Party
【Hold time】 Registration starts 11:45 / start 12:00
【Price】 6,500 yen (tax included) with souvenir
【Meals】buffet style/free drinks (soft drinks only) 

● Dinner Party
【Hold time】 Registration starts 16:45 / start 17:00
【Price】 7,500 yen (tax included) with souvenir
【Meals】 buffet style /free drink (With alcohol)

■ Fan Club Talk Event

【Date】 August 4th (Mon)
【Venue】Tower Records Shibuya B1「CUTUP STUDIO」
・1st events 14:00~14:45
・2nd events 19:30~20:15
【How to participate】Park Jung Min Official fan club members can participate in about 300 people by the lottery.
【Tickets】3,000 yen (tax included) 

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