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Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong - ThanKYU 2nd Membership Application Details [14.07.21]

Credits : kyu-jong.com
English Translation by xiaochu Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com

Repost with full credit

Hello, this is person-in-charge of ThanKYU.

Thank you to everyone who has always care for and love KyuJong.
With KyuJong’s discharge from army, we are now taking applications for the 2nd (batch) for ThanKYU fanclub.

ThanKYU 2nd Membership will only apply for local fans and also to overseas fans who are able to provide a local address to send to only.
Fans living overseas who are unable to apply, you may consider using other people’s local address to act as proxy to apply!

- ThanKYU 2nd Membership Application Date:
 01-Aug-2014 (Friday) 12:00hrs ~ 17-Aug-2014 (Sun) 24:00hrs

- ThanKYU 2nd Membership Effective Period:
 18-Aug-2014 ~ 31-Aug-2015

- Membership Fee
 20,000won (excludes postage fee)
 * Postage Fee : 2,500won / Jeju, DoSeo, SanGan areas : 3,000won

1. Fan Club Application Method

Join “ThanKYU official fanclub” from Kim KyuJong’s official homepage (http://www.kyu-jong.com/), thereafter send in the membership fee and an email confirmation of the membership transfer to complete the joining of Fan Club.
We will send a completion confirmation email if the proof of money transfer and email confirmation details tallies with each other.
If you did not receive the completion confirmation email, please send an inquiry to b2mthankyu@gamil.com . We only receive inquiry emails.

2. Sending Email Confirmation after Transferring Fan Club Membership Fee

- Money Transfer:
 Account : ShinHan (bank) 140-009-336980
 Account Holder : B2M Entertainment (Exclusive use for ThanKYU)

* Method to send Confirmation Email

- After sending in the membership fee to the account above, please send an email confirmation to b2mthankyu@gmail.comto confirm the fee transfer.

Subject : [ThanKYU 2기 입금확인메일] (ThanKYU the 2nd Membership Money Transfer Confirmation Email) / [대리 신청][ThanKYU 2기 입금확인메일] ([Application on behalf] [ThanKYU the 2nd Membership Money Transfer Confirmation Email])

1. Official Homepage ID
 2. Name
 3. Proof of money transfer (attach scan or capture of receipt of transfer)
 4. Address to send membership card and member goods & contact number (we will not resend the goods if it is lost or damaged due to member’s negligence)

* When doing money transfer, account holder of money transfer and name for application of membership must be the same.

3. Benefits of ThanKYU 2nd Membership

- ThanKYU 2nd membership card and members goods will be sent
 - Able to use ThanKYU OFFICAL FANCLUB homepage
 - Given priority at broadcasts or events that Kim KyuJong is attending
 - Other benefits in preparation

4. When Fan Club Membership Card is Damaged or Lost

- We will not re-issue the membership card if it is damaged or lost due to member’s negligence.
 We will only re-issue if the issue arises during postage because of post service or within our company.
 For those who require re-issuance, please inquire it via email (b2mthankyu@gmail.com) later on.

 In addition, @ThanKYU_Staff also tweeted about ThanKYU 1st membership

With the open for application for ThanKYU 2nd membership, we have received enquiries regarding the existing ThanKYU 1st membership joining and its validity.
 Firstly, ThanKYU 1st membership which we have accepted application till 1 month before KyuJong’s enlistment to army, the validity will be till 22-July where KyuJong is discharged from army.
 There were a lot of suggestions regarding the open period for joining the paid fanclub ThanKYU previously and we have taken into consideration and set an application period or ThanKYU 2nd membership.
 We will also give priority benefits to ThanKYU 2nd membership members wherever it is possible for fans to participate in during his future activities.
 We will also consider giving grace period for existing ThanKYU 1st membership members who has joined for less than 1 month, so as to let them have the most of the benefits.
 Thank you.

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