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Rabu, 06 Agustus 2014

[Fanpic] Kim Hyun Joong 2014 World Tour in Osaka [14.08.05]

Credit:  @Up2KHJ


Credit:  @loving_khj 
HyunJoong sang
'Break Down'
'Yes I Will'
'Let's Party'
'When today passes'

- HJ looking for birthday girl
- Why does HJ always ask the age when he should know women are sensitive about it?!
- HJ asked for birthday girl's hand phone ... ?maybe to take a pic later
'I'm Your Man'

- Flowers for birthday girl. Also took pic with her
'Word I want to say'. .The tree is out
- Same Japanese lyrics on screen
- Video. .back stage BTS
'His habit'
'Beauty Beauty'
'Do You Like That'
'Lucky Guy'
- Extended dance for 'Lucky Guy'
- Bridge Video. Hj dreaming
- Walking in the maze

There's a ballerina while he sings 'Your Story'
'Please' kept his promise to do the strip here!
'As Before'
- Appears to be standard version
'If You're Like Me'
- Photo collage video of fans
'I'm Yours'
'Nothing On You'
'Kiss Kiss'

'Beauty Beauty'

- HJ threw his cap to the left today
- HJ up on 2nd floor

'Do You Like That'
- Walking around the top floor
'Lucky Guy'
- HJ at the top
HJ as seen on 2nd floor

- Saying thank you to the fans

Credit:  @tomomon2 

- HJ said.... Fan are so looking forward to seeing my body.  Fans said *That's true* kukuku~
- HJ celebrate today's birthday fan. Only one of them. Kkkk. One of them is on the stage. Maybe get the present. How nice!!!

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