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Sabtu, 27 September 2014

[Fanpic] Kim Kyu Jong - 'Romantic Brunch with KYU' Fan Meeting [14.09.27]

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Heo Young Saeng at FM
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- Fanmeet starts with video showing a letter written by Kyujong
- Kyujong on stage with awesome looking blond hair singing a slow song which I couldn't remember name
- Before he starts singing the 2nd song, he say he's nervous.. and he keep teasing the fans sitting at row 1
- 'Hello, I'm SS501 forever centre, Kim Kyujong' when was the last time we hear him saying this?
- During Q&A session, Kyu to choose btwn his initial K.Y.U to ans ques, fans keep shouting their choice. Kyu say'let me choose, it's my fm.'
- When they took out e gift for game section (thankyu water bottle), fans sound a lil disappointed. Kyu ask 'why? I specially prepared this!'
- Next up, remix version of 'Never let you go'
- Kyu just performed a new song recorded for this fanmeeting
- When ask what kind of songs will make fans go 'awwww', fans reply sexy. Kyujong quickly buttoned up his jacket. Haha!
- If I were to say the difference Kyujong now and before is he feels more confidence on stage and I think he enjoys performing more now..
- Kyujong prefer jjajangmyeon to jjambong, winter to summer, chocolate milk to banana milk, dry naengmyeon to soup neangmyeon
- The reason he choose dry naengmyeon is cause after eating, he can pour water into it and make it into water naengmyeon. How smart..
- He also prefers forest to theme park, beer to soju
- After watching a video prepared by fans and realise it's been more than 700 days, Kyu started to tear up..
- Fans ask Young Saeng to remove his sunglasses, he say he's without make up now.
- When fans ask Young Saeng to form a unit with Kyu, he say he'll think about it..

Credit:  @ss501_joo

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