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Kamis, 18 September 2014

[Photo+Trans] Park Jung Min - Twitter Site Update [14.09.17]

Credit:  @JungMin0403

[Trans] KAZOK 4th anniversary. Thank you! Will always be hugged by my side in the future too! With the power of love♥ I love you~~♥

RT @JungMin0403: KAZOKの4周年。ありがとう!これからもずっとギュット抱きしめながら行くぞ!愛の力で♥사랑해~~♥http://t.co/fGdilpqyKH

[Trans] Bonus photos for today! The new games playing in Japan~~~ hee
RT @JungMin0403: 오늘의 보너스사진!

일본에서의 신선놀음이랄까~~~ㅎ http://t.co/ssUnxoqoTY

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