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Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun successfully finishes his solo concerts in Japan

Credit:  http://en.starnnews.com/news/index.html?no=332610

Kim Hyung Jun successfully finished his solo concerts in Japan.

Kim Hyung Jun's new Japan concert tour, '2014 LIVE TOUR - Endless Story,' was held from October 10th until 13th, and Kim Hyung Jun held five concerts in Tokyo and Nagoya.

During the concerts, Kim Hyung Jun performed his solo numbers, such as 'Just Let It Go,' 'Just The Two Of Us,' 'Sorry I'm Sorry,' and SS501 numbers, such as 'Because My Head Is Not Smart,' 'Singing For You,' and 'UR MAN.' He performed approximately 10 different songs during each concert, and captivated the audiences with powerful and charismatic performances.

As a special gift for all of the fans who came to the concert, Kim Hyung Jun showcased music video of his upcoming Japanese single, 'BETTER.'

A representative who participated in the concert said, "Each show was about two hours long, and it must have been quite challenging for Kim Hyung Jun to lead all of the shows alone. However, he showed amazing energy during every performance, and all of the fans were mesmerized by his fabulous performance."

The representative went on, "We could confirm Kim Hyung Jun's unchanged popularity," and "We believe that he will gain even more fans after releasing his new single in November."

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun's new Japanese single, 'BETTER,' will be officially released on November 19th, and he will have two more concerts in Japan on November 22nd and 28th.

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