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Selasa, 18 November 2014

[Article] Kim Kyu Jong Prepares Tea Time For All The Staff

Credit:  ph.celebrity.yahoo.com

Actor and singer Kim Kyu Jong gifted his staff of KBS N miniseries ‘SOS Please Help Me.’

To give the staff support and express his thanks, Kim Kyu Jong prepared a coffee car so the staff can drink coffee whenever they want throughout filming. On site, there was a banner next to the car that said, “Today, Kyu Jong is treating everyone to coffee!” He personally handed out the drink to the staff as a sign of appreciation. His kind gesture created an amiable and pleasant atmosphere.

Kim Kyu Jong stated, “I prepared this car to give strength to the actors and staff who are working hard even in this cold weather. I hope this gives even a little bit of strength.” 

SOS Please Help Me’ is a remake of the Japanese drama ‘S.O.S’ (Strawberry On the Shortcake). It revolves around several love lines which are intertwined and mixed up. An introvert falls in love with a girl who turns out to be his new step-sister and she likes someone from her school who turns out to be in a relationship with a teacher. 

Meanwhile, this drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday. (photo by B2M Entertainment)

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