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Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

[Article] Kim Kyu Jong Makes The Perfect Student

Credit:  ph.celebrity.yahoo.com

KBSN special drama ‘SOS Save Me’ released still cuts of Kim Kyu Jong in character.

Kim Kyu Jong plays the role of Park Jung Joon who is the top dog at his school. He displays a manly charisma that is captivating female viewers.

Standing at a height of 182 cm, his long legs and good looks complete his high school uniform look. Just looking at him brings a smile to the face.

On set, Kim Kyu Jong is said to always have his script in hand as he constantly rehearses before going into shoot. He monitors his acting and tries hard to improve, showing his love for the drama.

Meanwhile, this upcoming episode of ‘SOS Save Me’ airs on December 3.

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