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Rabu, 17 Desember 2014

[Photo+Trans] Park Jung Min - Twitter Site Update [14.12.16]

English trans  @xiaochu1004

[Trans] It's been a while since I have activities in Korea! I will work hard~!^0^ Will strive on together with KangChul aja aja~^0~ oh! And Christmas Kiss was on Tower Records Weekly yesterday-Romeo is number 1!♡ thank you^0^ *photo is an aspiration for having a great journey ahead!!

RT @JungMin0403: 오랜만에 한국에서의 활동! 열심히하겠습니다~!^0^ 강철같이 힘내서 아자자자~^0~
참! 어제 크리스마스키스 타워레코드 위클리-로메오에 이어서 1등!♥ 고마워요^0^
*사진은 앞으로 좋은길로만 가겠다는 포부!! http://t.co/A5lTPOMwf4

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